Introducing the Screen-Free Parenting Community Forum


If you would like to go straight to the new Screen-Free Parenting Community Forum. Click here.

The main goal in starting this little blog less than two years ago was to provide a place for you: the parents, grandparents, educators and early childhood advocates. Specifically, we wanted place for you to connect with other professionals and parents who were worried about excessive screen-time in childhood. Many parents who were screen-free felt isolated in their choices and we wanted to eliminate that. We will never be as big or as loud as the tech companies, streaming services and channels that would love your child’s eyeballs. However, we hope to provide a bit of a safe place for parents and others to discuss concerns, share ideas and feel supported.

To that end, approximately 9 months ago, we introduced the Screen-Free Parenting Facebook community. That private Facebook group has grown tremendously to over 5,000 members in just a few months. Several posts are generated and commented on each day. Questions are posed, victories are celebrated and challenges are supported. It’s everything I hoped it would be for our members.

But, Facebook. Some parents do not want to be on Facebook because of the time-suck factor. Additionally, even for those who are on Facebook, it’s very hard to see old posts. Facebook is a right now medium. You can’t easily search topics, add to threads or read old ones.

If you love the Facebook community, don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere. But, we are going to expand our reach. We are introducing the Screen-Free Parenting Forum, right here on our website.

We found that many questions on our community page were asked again and again. This is fine and good. But, sometimes some good advice was lost from the previous posts that covered that topic. Parents often asked about how to manage two differently aged children, travel a far distance screen-free or work with others (schools, partners) who were not interested in screen-limiting. Additionally, many of you have screen-free stories to share.

The forum is a place where you can create an account and generate your own posts for all to see or offer advise to other parents and it will be available on the site. There are already a few questions posed. Check them out, comment, and add your own.

A Few Rules:

  1. Support all screen-limiting philosophies. We are a place for the screen-free portion of parenting. Many members are varying degrees of screen-limiting. Good for them. Everyone one of us will adapt and change as our children grow and age.
  2. Be kind and supportive. Argumentative posts will be deleted.
  3. Do not use the forum simply to advertise your own services, blogs, or products.

Visit the Screen-Free Parenting Community Forum and register so you can begin sharing your questions, successes and thoughts with the group.