There are some products and services that we like so much because they genuinely support our screen-free lifestyle. We created this resource page so you can see the latest things we are using to help us parent screen free, in hopes that you may benefit from them as well. Much like our Tech-Wise Parenting and Screen-Free Activities sections, we are always adding to this page so stay tuned.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of our resources contain affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful.

There are three general categories of items we recommend here:

1. Products that help limit screen time:

As young children grow older, natural prosocial exposure to screens is inevitable and, if managed properly, can contribute positively to their lives.  It is necessary for parents to educate their kids about media literacy, overuse and limits.  Some excellent resources have been developed in the past decade to help parents navigate this safely and place helpful limits on children and technology use.  Over time we will review and recommend some products and applications that we believe can truly help parents.

2. Parenting and child development books

There is a wealth of information available on child development and on screen-use in children. We will provide reviews and recommendations of some of the top books in this area.  There is much more to come soon in this section.  We launched this blog on April 1, 2016, and we are working as quickly as we can to fuel the revolution.

3. Kid’s Toys, books and products

We really believe children need very little to engage in very meaningful play. If you need proof, check out our many free screen-free activities articles such as the 9 Must Have Screen-Free Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Engaged and Learning. However, if you are going to provide play materials, all toys are not equal.  We promote products that encourage imaginative or active play, are simple, and usually not electronic.  There is much more to come soon in this section. We launched this blog on April 1, 2016, and we are working as quickly as we can to fuel the revolution.

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